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Case Study:
ERP Digital Muresan


This project, which I developed entirely using technologies like Laravel and React.js, represents a complex and efficient ERP:

  • Products: I synchronized eMAG and 5 other product feeds, ensuring easy inventory management and real-time updates.
  • Orders: Successfully integrated WooCommerce stores and marketplaces such as OLX, Dealwise, Teamdeals, Elefant, Dorali, CEL, Okazii, Infinity, and Negotiated, facilitating an efficient order management process.
  • Billing: Implemented a complete invoicing system, including customized printing, NIRs, and integration with solutions like SAGA and SmartBill for maximum efficiency.
  • Courier: Implemented DPD, eMAG, FanCourier, and Sameday, ensuring efficient logistics.
  • Infrastructure: Also took care of hosting, implementing the project on a dedicated server from scratch.
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ERP Digital Muresan

“I had the privilege of collaborating on developing an ERP system from scratch, and the results were impressive. His technical skills and experience in the field transformed our vision into a system perfectly tailored to our needs. The collaboration was efficient, and the delivery met our high expectations. I highly recommend his services for complex software development projects.”