Digitalization of Salons / Barbershops

Optimize your salon with digital appointments and efficient management.

Case Study:
TONSOR Barbershops


Includes a website and mobile app designed with an attractive and intuitive design, ensuring a pleasant and efficient experience for clients and staff. The main goal of this project is to offer clients the possibility of efficiently and quickly scheduling appointments, without the need for a phone call.

An interactive appointment form is provided. Here, users can select the desired location, preferred barber, service, date and time for the appointment. They also complete the necessary personal details to finalize the appointment.

To facilitate communication with clients, TONSOR uses an API that sends notifications through WhatsApp. The client receives a confirmation message after the appointment is made, and another message the day before the appointment reminding them of it.

The administration part consists of three main panels:

  • 1
    Supreme Administrator

    The main control panel allows the administrator to modify, add, and view statistics, service categories, services, locations, clients, staff and their working hours, as well as configure general site settings.

  • 2
    Employee Panel

    The employee panel where each staff member logs in with credentials set from the main administration panel. Here, they can modify, add, and view statistics, services, access their personal profile, and manage working hours.

  • 3
    Schedule Management

    The control panel for scheduling is a module available to all employees. It allows them to manage their work schedule, add, edit or move appointments and breaks.