ePrice Express - Automate Pricing

Helps you stay in the top position, at a minimum distance from eMAG competitors!

With ePrice Express, you have the capability to automate and dynamically optimize pricing, benefiting from advanced features to boost sales growth. Integrated on the eMAG platform in Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, the solution offers easy setup, frequent updates, and limiting options to protect profits. We provide total flexibility, allowing you to configure and customize specific options, thus adapting to the unique needs of your business.

  • 1
    Sales Increase up to 60%

    The Auto-Price algorithm strategically positions products, ensuring a minimum competitive advantage over the competition and generating an average sales increase of up to 60%.

  • 2
    24/7 Execution

    The platform operates 24/7, adapting in real-time to market changes, using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the best price for the final price calculation.

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    Try It Free

    Try the Auto-Price feature for free for the first 50 offers and experience the benefits before making a long-term decision.


Benefit from an easy setup with just one click, making activation quick and simple through the platform. You have the ability to monitor the real-time progress of the price optimization process. You can easily check the status and results of the process by accessing the platform whenever you want.

Try It Free

Test the program for free for the first 50 offers.